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LUK SchafferPremium Ceramic Brake Pad Set

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  • This brake pad set contains:
    • 4 brake pads (for 2 wheels)
  • Fitment guaranteed with OEM Brake Calipers
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LUK Schaffer Premium Ceramic Brake Pads

  • Formulated for longer wear.
  • High noise abatement.
  • High anti dust capability.
  • 100% shimmed.
  • High friction level.
  • Post cured for consistent performance throughout the service life of the brake pad.
  • High temp fade resistant.
  • 100% non asbestos formulas.
  • Copper Free friction formulas.
  • Scorched for improved bed-in.

LUK Schaffer Parts Premium Brake Pads provide superior stopping power and reliability for passenger cars and light duty trucks. LUK Schaffer Parts’ engineers have worked with leading brake pad manufacturers to develop two application specific friction compounds that combine improved braking performance and reduced noise under braking. All LUK Schaffer Premium Brake Pads are installation ready with shims installed to prevent noise associated with pad vibration. LUK Schaffer Premium Brake Pads also feature O.E. style gas slots and chamfers to optimize braking performance in repeat stop situations. All LUK Schaffer Premium Brake Pad formulas are 100% asbestos free and have O.E. style wear sensors installed.

LUK Schaffer Premium Brake Pads are manufactured using Positive Mold technology that provides even wear characteristics throughout the lifetime of the brake pad. LUK Schaffer Premium Ceramic Brake Pads are scorched to remove impurities in the friction material and improve initial pad/rotor bed-in.

Brake pads are the component in a vehicles brake system that requires frequent changing. There are generally two brake pads mounted within one brake caliper, which surrounds the brake disk or brake rotor. When a driver steps on the brake pedal, fluid from the master cylinder is sent to the brake caliper, which make the brake pads compress down on the brake rotor and slows or stops your car.

Brake pads come in many different material compositions to suit different vehicles and driving styles. The brake pad types include, but are not limited to, organic, metallic, semi-metallic, ceramic and carbon. These materials range from soft to hard and they all have their advantages and disadvantages in regards to environmental friendliness, wear, noise, and stopping potential.

LUK Schaffer Brake Friction

LUK Schaffer brake pads are manufactured using O.E. (original equipment) processes and materials. These brake pads are formed using a positive mold technology and are scorched, which means they are made to have immediate and effective stopping power right out of the box.

Positive molding is a manufacture process which consist of using tremendous pressure and heat to bond loose friction material (in a mold) to the backing plate of the brake pads. This procedure squeezes out any impurities within the friction material and creates a more uniform and dense brake pad. Other aftermarket brake pad manufacturers make the components separately and use extreme heat and pressure to fuse a preformed puck of the friction material onto the backing plate. This means that inconsistencies remain in the end product for other aftermarket brake pad manufacturers whereas they do not with LUK Schaffer brake pads.

Scorching is essentially a pre-breaking in process of the brake pads. This is done by heating the friction material in a thermal oven. Thermal scorching yields a more consistent and higher friction level by burning off any impurities of the friction compounds. Scorching basically provides the initial phase of bedding in for the owner and ensures proper bed-in and performance right out of the box.

Other LUK Schaffer Materials

Backing Plates — are plates where the friction material is typically glued onto by extreme heat and pressure and are responsible for fitting the brake pad into the caliper. All LUK Schaffer brake pads are made with precision cut backing plates which ensures proper fit in the caliper and reduces vibration and noise. Accurate fitment also allows for even pad wear and consistent braking power throughout the lifetime of the brake pad.

Shims — are thin pieces of material, often rubber or metal that sits in between the brake pad and caliper to correct small imperfections or gaps to prevent or further reduce noise. They fill the space that can allow parts to vibrate and create the noise. All LUK Schaffer brake pads feature mechanically attached and application specific shims.

LUK Schaffer brake pads are offered in semi-metallic, ceramic and extended wear formulations.

Brake Pads will be supplied based on the OEM Specifications of your vehicle

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